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Close your eyes and imagine this. (Not really though, we still want you to read this article!)

You’ve planned and executed various articles, posts and rebranded your website. Everything went live and after a few days, you realized you haven’t had the traffic you hoped for by that time. You put in a lot of work and it doesn’t seem like anyone has noticed.
If you pictured that scenario and thought that it all seemed too familiar, that’s probably because it is. It can be hard to get your small business or brand noticed online but it isn’t impossible.
Here are the Top 5 ways that can help you get noticed online:

1. Social media engagement
Many brands and businesses have utilized all, or most of the top social media platforms. By putting yourself out on social media, you are opening up everybody to your company and not just your target audience. Use social media to engage and have conversations with your audience, this is the best way to open up a dialogue with the audience and connect with them.

2. Posting at peak times
One of the best things to do is post during peak social media times. There is research that analyzes when the best times of day to post are, and doing so during these windows will help your content get noticed.

3. Create engaging online articles that pique interests
Start a blog for your business! Online audiences consume a vast amount of information daily and most of the time, they tend to scroll past a lot of it. By creating content that is engaging and piques the interests of your target audience, they are more likely to click and read what you’ve posted if they can relate.

4. Create video content or produce a podcast
This one can be tricky to execute, but if you have the time and software to create some decent quality videos or podcasts, you can create a very versatile online platform for yourself.
Mixing up your online content between blog articles, podcasts and videos helps keep you looking fresh to an ever changing digital world.

5. Boosted and paid Google search ads
Although you might not want to hear that you may have to pay money to get noticed online, it’s actually an effective way to stay relevant in the online universe. By boosting Facebook posts to keep them on your follower’s feeds or paying to have your website as the top recommendation on a Google search, you will increase your chances of people noticing your work and they’re more likely will click on your site to learn more.

Did we miss anything? Or do you have any sure-fire tips that you’d want to share with the readers? We’d love to hear them!